Rare Stock Alert: 1987 1oz Gold Britannia

Rare Stock Alert: 1987 1oz Gold Britannia


Merrion Gold currently has a 1987 1oz Gold Britannia in stock and available for immediate collection. This particular coin holds significant historical and numismatic value. 

The Gold Britannia bullion coin was first introduced by the Royal Mint in 1987, featuring the iconic image of Britannia, the female personification of Britain, on the reverse side. The Britannia series was launched in response to the success of other popular gold bullion coins such as the South African Krugerrand (1967) and the Canadian Maple Leaf (1979).

Obverse & Reverse Design:

Rare Stock Alert: 1987 1oz Gold Britannia
Rare Stock Alert: 1987 1oz Gold Britannia


The 1987 1oz Gold Britannia has a mintage of 12,043 coins. This is a relatively low mintage when compared to later years which adds to the appeal of the coin for investors and collectors. 

Market Value: 

The market value of the 1987 1oz Gold Britannia varies depending on factors such as the current price of gold, demand for the coin, and the condition of the coin. An added factor that contributes to the higher premium applied to this particular coin is the historical significance it has as being part of the inaugural release of the Britannia series. 

The limited mintage, iconic design, and pristine condition of this particular coin adds to the already inherent intrinsic value of the coin. These characteristics add to the collectible appeal of the coin, potentially increasing the value of this particular Britannia over time. 


  • Face Value: £100
  • Metal: Gold
  • Fineness: 22 carats (91.67% pure gold)
  • Weight: 1 Troy Ounce (31.103g)
  • Diameter: 32.69mm
  • Thickness: 2.84mm

The 1987 version of the coin is struck in 22 carat gold, which is another unique characteristic of the coin. In 2013, the Royal Mint changed the makeup of the coin, changing it from 22 carat to 24 carat. 

Overall, the 1987 1oz Gold Britannia holds a special place in numismatic history as the inaugural release of a renowned bullion coin series, making it a desirable addition to any collection or investment portfolio. 

You can purchase this coin from Merrion Gold by calling our dealing desk at 01 254 7901 or by emailing us at info@merriongold.ie. As there is only 1 of these coins in stock, it would be unlikely that we will have another one in. 

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